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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Can you choose one?

If you had to relinquish one of your 5 senses and replace it with a more powerful existing one, which one(s) ones would they be and why.


  1. The sense that I would relinquish would be the sense of smell and the more powerful one would definitely be sight.

  2. I would replace the sense of smell with a more powerful touch....get what I'm sayin, lol.

  3. How are you coming up with these questions?

    I agree with Sanjor!

  4. @ B3--

    IDK. Sometimes, I just think of these things....

  5. Good question....

    I would do away with sense of smell (as long as it wouldn't also cancel out taste) and replace it with a heightened sense of hearing.

    Ill Truth