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Friday, May 28, 2010

Could you choose?

What would you rather have?
(in answering, you MUST choose one of in each situation)

1. 11 fingers or nine toes?

2. A bad job that pays well or an excellent career that pays minimal?

3. A child born with visual defects and lives or an absolutely beautiful baby who dies within a year?

Let me know your thoughts!!!


  1. Wow!! Hard to choose any of them

  2. 1. I would rather have 9 toes because I could hide them in shoes.
    2. An excellent career that pays minimal. There's nothing more painful than getting up every morning to go to a place you hate. At first the money might keep you going but you'll soon burn out.
    3. I'd rather have a child with defects that lives because no parent wants to go through the pain of losing a child.

  3. 1. I agree with Jade, I can hide the toes, but that extra finger....I don't know if I'd want the attention.
    2. I'd take the bad job for a while, bank the money then quit and go to the excellent one ;-)
    3. I don't want any kids, so ummm...I'll chose door # 3!

  4. 1.i would take the 11 toes over the 9 fingers
    2.i take the bad job because i will be able to go home
    3.and a child with defects i would never want to lose a child