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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Is it cheating....

You had a relationship with someone. You found out they cheated on you (with a friend) so you broke up. The friend and your "ex" begin dating. Your paths cross (with your ex) and your resume the intimate relationship you once had.

Is it cheating?

Why or why not?


  1. Well,Sis you finally got your own,page,lmao,now you can leave all those HATERS on Facebook alone,and can boot them off here if you choose...Love ya

  2. Neeka, is THAT you????????


  3. I've got mixed emotions on this one and can give so many "reasons" as "excuses". I may not be right but I know there are more people out there that doesn't care to admit they're doing this.

  4. If a person is attached tgo someone and chooses to go outside of what they have then it's cheating.

  5. Um yea, if your ex and friend are still in a relationship, its still cheating. The question is why would you get back with your ex after he slept with and then dated your friend?

  6. @ Sanjor--

    It might've been that the relationship didn't work but the sex was good.

  7. @1Tru, yea but the fact remains he's still sleeping with her too, and thats just too gross for me. I can always find someone else for mind blowing sex.

  8. Hey 1TruDiva!

    Nice to see you have your own spot in the blogosphere.

    To answer your question. I agree with the previous comment. Technically it is still cheating if he is still in a supposedly commited relationship with the "friend."

    But then again you said that they are dating. When I think of dating I think of casual seeing each other, the getting to know you stage before both parties decide to see each other exclusively.

    So which category does the ex and the "friend" fall under?

    If they are my definition of dating, it's not cheating. But...

    If they are dating each other exlusively and in a supposedly monogomous, committed relationship - it's cheating.

  9. Yes ..it's still considering "cheating" even if the ex-sex is good. SMH

  10. Illuminate TruthMay 28, 2010 at 10:54 AM

    Neva go backwards.....

    But for the sake of argument (and I'm assuming by "intimate" you mean just sex) seeing as how I was deceived by both these people, as far as I'm concerned, fair game. Plus, revenge sex can be intense.